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Editorial Q4 2023

There is a great word in the English language, that when practically implemented, make for an extremely civilized society. That word is of course “sportsmanship.” Now, sportsmanship really speaks of an attitude we display to our fellowmen (and for those among our readers who are very PC minded, fellowmen includes ladies as well). We’ve all heard the oh-so-British expression (and hear it with the Queen’s accent), “Be a sport, old...

Sneak Preview Promo Issue 32

A sneak preview on the TV promotion for MyFaith Magazine live on July 1, 2023!

Editorial – October 2022

This has truly been a whirlwind year! So much has happened in the Faith family, and I will briefly summarize the highlights!  Faith Church Naples was launched at the beginning of the year; January also saw the inauguration of the new Faith Studio USA located in Naples FL; the Faith Dome was oficially opened in July with Faith Revival 4.0, at which time the River Church was also renamed Faith...

Editorial – July 2020

We truly find ourselves in unprecedented times in the history of earth! What has always just been the stuff movies are made off has suddenly become a reality. Big Brother has shut us down! To think that one small virus has caused a global pandemic, crashed economies, shut down travel between countries, caused hundreds of thousands of death and essentially locked people all over the world into isolation. Never in...


From homeless to a multi-award winning artist, empowerment speaker and philanthropist. JuroLumba was once an occultistand alcoholic, but everything changed when he had a life-changing encounter with God. This encounter came after a season of being homeless, which incidentally, was also the inspiration for songs such as God is in Control. In short, the ‘fast life’ was exchanged for ministry, feeding the homeless in Cape Town, and giving away blankets...

The Value of Christian Media

Change Revolution
“The Word of God should be the only measuring tool we use to filter the information presented to us through all media. I am guilty of fundamentalist tendencies – I believe the Word at face value. “No murder” simply means “no murder”. “No envy” is precisely that – envy nothing. There is only one God and He is immutable, eternal, love, gracious and a whole lot more.” In order to...

The Grave Robber

Book Extract
On a January morning in 2007, a world-class violinist played six of Johann Sebastian Bach’s most stirring concertos for the solo violin on a three-hundred-year-old Stradivarius worth $3.5 million. Two nights before, Joshua Bell had performed a sold-out concert here patrons gladly paid $200 for nose bleed seats, but this time the performance was free.Bell ditched his tux with coat tails, donned a Washington Nationals baseball cap, and played incognito...

Choose Love

Book Extract
The 3 Simple Choices That Will Alter the Course of Your Life Our first choice is to not only understand God’s love for us, but to actually open up and receive it. Yes, receiving God’s love is a choice.We can read about it, talk about it, and think about it, but it’s not the same as choosing to receive it. Choosing to receive God’s love means getting close to Him,...