Editorial – October 2022

This has truly been a whirlwind year! So much has happened in the Faith family, and I will briefly summarize the highlights! 

Faith Church Naples was launched at the beginning of the year; January also saw the inauguration of the new Faith Studio USA located in Naples FL; the Faith Dome was oficially opened in July with Faith Revival 4.0, at which time the River Church was also renamed Faith Church Buffalo City. October was the Faith Revival Tour to the 9 provinces in South Africa, a kind of throwback to the start of the ministry with Revival South Africa. The tour ended in East London with Faith Revival 5.0 at the Faith Dome.

Despite all these milestones and celebrating the goodness of God in all of this, we need to take some time to reflect on the “why” underlying the activity. The “why” has always been in answer to the commission of Jesus to us to spread the good news. And this we do with any means at our disposal!

The danger – yes, there is a warning here – is that we become so busy with the “stuff” of God, with “doing things” for God, that sometimes we are lured away from our relationship with Him! We need to realize that God loves us just for who we are, for who Christ is in us, and chooses to pursue a relationship with us with no expectation other than we show up and participate!

God is not really interested in what we do, but more interested in why we do what we do. And herein lies the answer to and escape from the danger. When all our “doing” is motivated by His love, then He will remain the center of attraction in our thoughts and life. We are accepted by God even when “doing” nothing! An incredible concept.

This is not a license for laziness, or for just aimlessly wandering through life, but rather it is the fuel to see us live the gospel, and do the great works of faith! It remains true that faith without works is simply dead; so faith with works becomes the fruit (evidence) of our special relationship with God. We also know that without faith it is impossible to please God, so when we only have works that are not motivated by love and faith, we endanger the intimacy of our communion with Him!

Be encouraged! You are loved! You live by faith! Your fruit is evidence of God’s love for you!